Happy readings everyone! I’m back with another fun and juicy discussion. Today’s talk is about satirical news and how appealing they really are. I read an article about how CNN.com put out a satirical article on Miley Cyrus and her tweaking at the VMAs. Meredith Artley, managing editor of CNN.com decided to publish this article, not only publish it but put it on the front page. A worldwide leader in news. In black and white decided to publish a story on Miley Cyrus twerking. So why do you think they did that? Simple. As stated by Meredith; to get you to click on their link so they can get higher ratings. Now, I know that sounds so stupid, but at the end of the day Meredith was telling the truth, just in a weird, satirical way. Every day you log on to a website or open a news magazine, and see this unfold.  Dumb articles about dumb, irrelevant things that no one cares about. Sadly, they do it because they want your attention. They want your eyes on their website, not necessarily to read the articles, but to know that they themselves as a news website, are there. Current. relevant. Just waiting for someone to go and click on their news. They know what they’re putting out is garbage,   but they don’t care because at the end of the day It’s a business. I personally think It’s a sad thing to do. I don’t mind reading what Miley was doing at the VMAs, what bothers me is these major corporations are doing it for attention! Stop. I’m sure there are better ways to promote yourself than doing this. What I do love about the article is how honest Meredith was being. It’s a good message to send out so we viewers are educated on why they do it. It can all be summed up on her last sentence,” And what is modern-day journalism? Getting you to click on this link. xo