On September 25, 2014 I attended a presentation on Ferguson and the shootings that took place on August 9, 2014. It was truly an eye opening experience. The presentation covered a broad spectrum of ideas from the on scene reporters and they’re experiences covering it to what really was the issue that sparked this chaos and how people found out about this story. In the beginning a few of the reporters that arrived on the scene and reported about Ferguson spoke up. Wesley Lowery, first heard about the story through a friend; she was on the scene when it first happened. David Carson was grocery shopping and started following it through twitter; same as Mariah Stewart, who’s cable ran out and relied on twitter to keep up with all the building tension. Lowery stated he thought that it was going to be a 2-3  day assignment, instead it turned out to be a 2-3 week assignment. Wesley stated important facts that made good discussion talks. Stating that this story was so big because of the way it was portrayed; an unarmed African American boy’s bloody body on the ground, tear gases being thrown at local residents, and things being thrown in social media early on that was incorrect. He said that this was not just a story on a body found on the ground, it was a deeper issue within the community, police departments, and communication between different ethnicities. Trymaine Lee said when you look at the ground– you start putting the pieces together. Clearly referring to why he was shot, how he was shot, and by who. Claire Ward, who came there to document everything that was going on, was shocked with everything she saw. However, each reporter stated ways on how we as a society can improve, so we can prevent these things from happening. Something that was stated was for the journalists to keep an open mind to everything– get out in the community and talk to the residents and listen to them! To never assume anything. Anything you, as a journalist, make sure you do it and are being genuine. By doing that, that’s when people will notice your work. Another great positive thing to keep in mind is for journalists to not be so skeptical between one another, but to work with each other and improve ourselves and the work we do each day. I think this was an excellent discussion and beneficial to all journalists.