Mizzou New Play Series on February 14, consisted of five short plays. The first called Doctor Scott. A play about a married couple Doctor John Scott (Alex Givens) and his wife Mrs. Alaya Scott (Rae Davis) who struggle to live a normal life in the 1920s with race playing a key part in their lives. There daughter, Priscilla Scott (Erika Wilson) has a disease she can die from. Sheriff Huey Price (Nick Donley) gets stabbed by Charity Brown (Monica Hand) in the neck after racial comments being said and both the Sheriff and Priscilla get rushed to the hospital at closing. The second play, The Long Ride Home, is about a couple, Sam and Jesse (Jacob Estes, Clare Stribling) while driving on the highway with there cat Chole and a stranger, Dave (Kyle Cuypers)argue after Sam begins feeling love for another girl and admits it to Jesse. She say pulls over, get out of car, and he too. After arguing, she pushes Sam on traffic. Dave, begins flipping out. Moving on, play three Electra is about three woman (Bonnie Hay, Rae Davis and Ellen Ghidina) who pressure Electra Waggoner (Meghan LeVota) to remembering a specific time in her life that she can’t seem to remember. Eventually, the girls make peace and Electra remembers. The last play, Peace Talks is about a land dispute between Nelli (Rae Davis) and Gingie (Samantha Jones) while having the judge (Ladarius Burgess) maintaining the conversation and disputes. The girls make up in the end over land.

Out of all the plays, I’ve decided to go into detail with the play  Doctor Scott. The genre/style of this play is more of a historical setting and teachings. First, the time period is set in the 1920s, where race plays a huge part for the characters. Mrs. Scott and Doctor Scott, one of the only few black doctors struggle to cater to their sick daughter, Priscilla. The sheriff is a white male who constantly throws rude and racial comments to Charity Brown outside the porch.  Dr. Buck Ballinger is also a doctor but white and kind and gracious towards the Scotts. In the end when the sherif and Priscilla fall ill, Priscilla from disease and sherif from a stab wound, get rushed to the same hospital after Dr. Buck Ballinger assures the parents Priscilla will get care and not be rejected because of her black ethnicity.

I think the plot of the play came toward the ending of the play when Dr. Buck Ballinger stated that no matter what the race circumstances were for Priscilla, he assured she will be  admitted into the hospital, a white hospital. In the beginning it’s setting the viewers with this constant whites and blacks disputes. Some like Sherif’s racial comments to Charity Brown on the porch and him not allowing Mrs. Brown to enter the house, even though it’s not his property (clearly showing power over blacks). The moment Mrs. Scott hesitated switching over to the other side and assisting the Sherif (really switching to the white side) and his wound and her husband helping Priscilla. Then finally, Dr. Buck Ballinger stating how they both can be saved, Dr. Scott hesitating because his daughter is black and white doctors never were to found of black assistance. Yet, Dr. Tallinger states it doesn’t matter and they both will receive the proper care, while racing his voice and eyes. It sums up this idea that finally the racial tensions in the house were at a stop.

In a town with racial tensions, a family tries to save their ill daughter while trying to reason with white power. The couple tries not to anger the white sherif and Doctor, by keeping a calm tone. Their daughter is sick and dying slowly. They finally get reassured after keeping there peace, that she will be treated and saved.