Love Always Wins 

 While remaining a dignified black doctor, Mr. Scott remains hopeful his daughter will survive her illness while having a constant reminder that race and equality for blacks and whites are very different and play a key role in there success.Until, he finds that sometimes love for a friendship can solve everything. 

The setting of this play is in the 1920s and is pretty minimal but they do a good job at showing personalities of the characters that give you a better understanding for what’s the real struggle-race. This event is a surreal one in that it accurately portrays the lives African Americans had to live during those times. The production was amazing. You will witness real, raw emotion; the kind that makes you think and engaged. This play to me, is a historical one in which many people can relate to or understand and i also think it’s a reminder too of where society today is and how far it’s come.

A great play with such accurate portrayals of the lives of these individuals and with such emotion built around it!