Love Stages!

I have never enjoyed watching a play more than I did with “Much Ado About Nothing.” If you’re looking for a song packed, romance driven, sharp acting and drama heavy, then this play is for you! Its a killer play with even killer performances.

I went to see the play “Much Ado About Nothing” directed by Brad M. Carlson on May 1 inside the Mizzou Rhynsburger Theater. The play is about a young boy named Benedick (Jean Tartiere) who falls madly in love with Beatrice (Dani Tucker). The play takes place in the late 1500s at the grounds of Leonato’s (Jackson Harned) estate in Italy. Beatrice and Benedick are in love and so is Hero (Courtney F. Wagner) and Claudio (Ian Stratt).The play is the epitome of Romance and focuses on some of their struggles–telling you love him/her, cheating, losing girl and fighting back for them.The main action comes mid-way when Benedick and Beatrice express their love to one another and when Claudio and Hero stop denying their love and read each other’s love notes. In the end, the two couples marry, then divorcing shortly after. Hero and Claudio get remarried later. The message to take away is that love conquers all; you can’t and should never deny you’re feelings toward someone. Much of this play is romantic comedy and humorous at the same time. Boy’s love their girl and keep denying it and often find themselves looking dumb by refusing to be around or talk to them about their feelings. It can also be seen as a Musical. There were several songs throughout the play that it did feel like a musical. One will find the play emersed in a romantic feeling in the air and a feeling all can relate too–feeling of having a crush or loving one.

The level at which these actors performed at was truly remarkable. There were many times  when I felt I was not watching a play but some sort of movie or natural love story folding in front of me. I think every actor but their heart and soul in that play–from scripting, body movements, songs and facial/hand gestures I was blown away and enjoyed every moment of it! The director did a fantastic job with the show, considering the amount of space and time he had. I got a sense of Romanticism as the overall theme and think staging was a great reflection of it. The stage included a balcony, two long stairwells and costumes,too, had lots of reds and warm colors–the colors of love. I think he wanted that to always be present so that even when actors seemed like they were “anything but in love” that the staging and staging of the actors, colors, lighting and songs were a clear representation of what the play was about and where it would lead. Going off on that, I think the design was something too. Having the mansion/castle look on stage made me feel like I was in Italy with the stoned bricks going up and down  and having those puffy dresses and old swinging dances. What really got me was the all white tucks the men wore because that’s when I started thinking I was in another time period! Overall, this was my favorite play Iv’e seen. It had everything i love–drama, romance, action and suspense! I know these actors gave it their all because I forgot I was watching a play; it was so natural and real. Truly left a good wound in my heart.