4 Skills Newsroom Recruiters Want!

Hello loves! This weeks blog post is about the things newsroom recruiters want desperately from new possible candidates. The article stated a few things they were looking for in there quest for a new candidate was having the ability to dig up information from social media, to be able to find news in data and more importantly being able to report, and report well. After finishing the reading, I did agree with what was wanted. Yet, I honestly believe the best way to become a great reporter/journalist/anchor is to just throw yourself into a little bit of everything. Its one of those “get your feet wet in the water” moments. I think by doing this you’ll find out your strengths and weaknesses and things you like and hate. You’ll for one, have access to each area of journalism and have a better understanding of what it takes to do a certain component of journalism.  -xo



Why Diversity Matters!

Hello all! Happy Friday! This week’s topic is about diversity and the importance of it. After reading the article that my professor sent out, I feel that many need to know why we need to have a diversity of people from inside schools to the workplace. I think after reading this article, It really hurts me to think that this is how minorities think of themselves and It’s because we as a society have ingrained some sort of shield over others who do not belong in our race. Personally, I grew up and attended a high school that was one of the most diverse schools in Missouri. We have students from all over the world at my school. Some from Wales and other’s from Brazil. I can’t ever remember a time where someone from my school felt, “Alone” or “Singled Out”. I grew up listening to many different languages around me in class and getting to know many different cultures and why some people are the way they are. I think that’s really important. To understand how someone thinks, acts and lives every day. I was blessed to have been exposed to this since I was little, so when I came to Mizzou for school, meeting someone from Brazil or a small island of Turks and cacaos, I was used to that environment and I knew how to be completely comfortable. Same inside the classrooms, I love meeting new people with different backgrounds. I know that when I get out to the real world, I’m going to be that understanding of others and more informed. People need to start becoming more understanding of different minority and become more accepting because this is when change will happen. xo


Blog: Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old!

Hello loves! Happy Friday! This week’s post is a little different. My teacher had assigned this week’s blog to be about a topic of our choice. At first, I didn’t really know what topic to talk about, but then I realized I did have a good discussion for you all. This topic came to me from being on Facebook one night. On a random night, I had logged into my Facebook account to only be shocked at how much life for my friends had changed. It was a moment that I thought, “I’m so happy for you, but I would not want to be you.” My friends from High School had all become young mom’s. I was looking at all their “monthly” belly pictures and baby clothes thinking, “You’re so young, your youth is gone.” So, that’s when I thought of how some young people might get the impression to have to get married and have kids at a young age, so I decided to give my thoughts on youth. First off, this is just my thoughts and how I feel about youth, so Its okay if you don’t agree with me. Youth and being young is awesome! Like, really awesome! I can wake up in the morning brush my teeth and walk out the door, knowing that the only person I’m responsible for is myself. I can attend regular lunch dates with my friends, go into Sephora buy expensive mascara, that probably is a bad idea, and be okay with it. I can Party until the late hours, sometimes not making the best decisions, get involved at my University and help out with my philanthropy events and..well.. just enjoy being young. I understand when people want to settle down and find a significant other, but really think about it. There’s so much to do and see when being young, that I hope that everyone, when the time is right and get’s married, that there’s no regrets in mind. Make sure that you’ve done everything you’ve always wanted to do and have really “lived up” your youth. xo


Journalism education: 5 questions to ask!

This week’s blog is about a discussion that’s always in talks here at the Missouri School of Journalism. The question is should The Missouri School of Journalism change it’s old ways of “excellence” or should the school make improvements and move with the current chafing ways of technology. From gathering various skills to testing new technology, all were discussed in the article. My personal take on this article is from a positive side. I believe that, at least at Mizzou, the faculty is doing an excellent job at preparing the future journalists. I feel that the best type of learning is hands on, and I know I’m getting that at the J-school. I’m there, making videos and editing, gathering and interviewing sources with deadlines and demanding skills. I think It’s great to do a lot of hands on experience because not only do you learn those crutial techniques needed on the field, you also learn simple skills, like how to set up a tripod or how to look at the person you are interviewing. I think change is a good thing. You have to to change things up every once in a while, as long as your doing it for the right reason. The Missouri School of journalism should still keep a majority of it’s rules of excellence, but just integrate assignments that are mobile or a little more media based.  xo


TV Style: Shakespeare’s Pizza!

Link: http://youtu.be/npcXhKjLf2g

I had the pleasure of doing my story on Shakespeare’s Pizza. Located on 9th St. downtown Columbia, It’s one of the most visited and adored restaurants. Inside, I got the chance to interview Luke Arnisen and Toby Epstein, both managers of Shakespeare’s Pizza. My story was about Shakespeare’s Pizza and how it is from the early hours to the late night; with also adding what Shakespeare’s means to them. I sat down with them and asked questions like, “What does a typical day look like at Shakespeare’s?” to “What’s your favorite part about Shakespeare’s Pizza?” I got to see and hear what it’s like to work at shakespeare’s Pizza.

Mobile Assignment: Moe’s SouthWest grill

photo-4The cold weather on this Tuesday afternoon did not stop students from walking into Moe’s SouthWest grill. Located on 9th street downtown Columbia, It’s the newest restaurant to be serving up Mizzou fans. Now, I have to say I was a little nervous walking into Moe’s. I did not know how well this new grill was going to be. It had been talked about by many students, yet, I wanted to see for myself, so I decided to take a stroll down to Moe’s and see what all the excitement was about and not just what my eyes were seeing.

photo-5I only saw what led in front of me, however, I wanted to know what the costumers thought of the food. The one’s investing their money and time to this restaurant; was this new place all that it lived up to be? I had the pleasure of interviewing Samantha Holmes, a student at The University of Missouri and a Moe’s costumer. In the interview she stated, ” It’s my third time here. My favorite is the nachos with chicken. I’m from St. Louis, and we don’t have it there. It’s very convenient because I live upstairs, so I’ve always wanted to try it, even though it can get crowded.” I finally got the chance to really see what the people thought of this place, and it was nothing but good thoughts of the new place. Nathan Peace, a costumer, didn’t mind stating on how he felt about Moe’s, saying, “I like Moe’s. I used to go to the one back home. It’s good food and the employees are very welcoming.” I finally started to put two and two together and found that this place was a must to grab food.

photo-6I knew Moe’s was going to be a success. The staff was friendly and made fresh ingredients daily.  They not only made quality food, but they always made sure that a costumers food was made with little to no wait, with attached smiles on their faces. I know that this place is really everything it puts out. It’s a great environment with good energy and fast pacing fast moving workers who are willing to do anything to make their costumers happy.


Ben Bradlee and American Journalism

Hello all! This week’s post has to do with the death of world renowned journalist Ben Bradlee, the famous journalist who helped uncover Nixon by publishing newspapers about his secret findings on the president.This is such an great example on what Journalism should be. I believe that Journalism should be focused on telling the truth and making  sure that the citizens of today are informed about what’s dealing going on in our country; even if that means showing the ugly stuff. I think Journalism back in the day, was much simpler. They’re wasn’t any other form of media, it was just newspapers and cameras, so it was much harder to be “mean” or publish hasty things, like today, where we have Twitter and Facebook. It was better structured; when their was a deadline, all the facts were correct and there wasn’t much confusion on what was true and what wasn’t. Today, it feels as if have the things being put out to the public are sometimes fabricated and just end up becoming completely not true. I think today we really need to focus on making sure that everything we print is accurate with credited sources. I love watching these types of stories because it really puts things into perspective of how some of the most renowned journalists did not follow the crowd and instead decided to follow their own path and be independent from everyone. I think that’s really important to always keep in your mind. -xo


Importance of Photos

Bloodshed. Trauma. Emotional. These words, and often phrases too, come to mind when thinking about the wars overseas. The article i read for my class, was about how the images taken on the overseas war, are becoming controversial to many of the young men deployed over there. The story focused on an Iraqi soldier who was killed by burning in a vehicle trying to escape. Kenneth Jarecke, decided to take a photographs of the victim. The story would go on about why the picture is important, how many soldiers felt about it and opinions of others on it. I will not forget looking at one picture in my class last year in journalism. We were looking at different pictures and had to state if one should publish the certain image. When going through a few of the images, there came a photo, similar situation with the Iraqi soldier; dead body on the ground. I’ll never forget my teacher saying, “You publish it.” I could not believe she said that, my reaction. She said you publish it because It’s telling the truth and people in that community deserve to know what happened. Yet, later i remember thinking, “This makes sense.” Ever since that day, I always remember her response, so when i read this article, I remembered her voice echo, “You publish it.” As hard as It was for myself to look at it, I, as a human on this planet, deserve to know what’s really going on overseas. It does for some make feel like they’re accountable for this. That maybe there’s something that one could have done to have prevented this. So no one should be angry at Kenneth Jarecke, but thanking him. Thanking him for giving you an honest, rule picture and inside scope into what’s going on. Thanking him for telling you the truth. Jarecke says it best, “If we’re big enough to fight in a war, we should be big enough to look at it.” -xo


Paper vs. Laptop

Hello, loves! So this week’s journal entry is an interesting one for anyone to read. It’s the argument between paper vs. laptop’s in college classrooms- for any situation you’re sitting in, trying to listen to- and the ability to retain information. In the original story, a research was conducted at UCLA and Princeton University. In the study, the students were asked to watch a 15min TED talk and take notes on it, following a test half an hour afterward. Some questions were straightforward and other’s were conceptual. The results- both laptop users and hand writers did pretty similarly on the factual questions, but laptop users did worse on the conceptual ones. Researchers also found out that laptop users took down many more words. The researchers concluded that if one wanted to retain information, one is better off with a pen and paper. I really enjoyed reading this article because it’s something I always think about in a big lecture hall that I have. I never understood how someone- sitting there with their laptop open- is able to really absorb the words and understand the professor. I sometimes find myself staring at someone’s screen and wanting to tap them on the shoulders and say, ” How do you do it?” I Just feel like one’s doing a disarm  to themselves. I believe you should save yourself the trouble of writing extra, irrelevant things and pick up a paper and pen and write the key important things– things you’ll actually remember. At the end of the day, to each there own, but remember pen and paper will always be exceptable too! xo


Importance of Press Freedom

Hello all! Yet another blog for this week to keep you all thinking. This week’s topic is about the importance of press freedom and it’s importance to a free society. After watching the short clip my professor sent out, it was an emotional and eye opening experience for me. In the video the narrators, who changed throughout the clip, talked about how photographers and the journalists, not only in Afghanistan, but in the states too, need to always make sure they’re doing job at all times, for several reasons. One, to make sure that people never forget about the troubles in Afghanistan and the country itself, because if journalists fail to get the message out there, no one will remember how Afghanistan was ruled by Taliban at a period, which can happen again. Another point they made out was about how current journalists and photographers need to be the voice for the voiceless. I found it moving when one of the narrators said that it was time that photographers and journalists stand up and keep Afghanistan current. I think it’s important for press freedom to work with a free society because it keeps and reminds people of the problems still going on in today’s society and how other countries need good photographers and good journalists because without us, there might not be another country tomorrow or another opportunity to help. This short clip was an excellent example of a visual because it showed powerful and moving images and if done right, how the images and narration told such a great simple story. It was successful because it was done right. There were great visuals, just the right amount, to tell the current situation over in Afghanistan and the right people in the story, who knew exactly what was going on and what would happen if journalists and photographers weren’t here. I think this was such a wonderful piece and a good told story.  xo